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Class Descriptions


Hip Check (Hatha for Hips)

Have you had your Hips Checked lately? This class focuses on opening and strengthening those hips. Hips are where most of us hold our stress or tension. Come and release those hips in this Hatha based yoga class. Some poses are held longer to help fully release. Your hips will thank you.


Family Tree Yoga (Family Yoga)

Join us for Family yoga, or as we call it Family Tree! Grow that bond with your family through your yoga practice. As you learn the yoga postures together we hope this will become your favourite family past time. From Tree pose, to frog, to cat and cow and maybe even some time for partnered yoga. Something the whole family can enjoy.


Pay It Forward (Hatha

Anahata Yoga from the Heart grew from a place of wanting Yoga to be affordable for EVERYONE. If you're struggling with Mental Health and Wellness we are here to help you on your journey of self discovery. No matter gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or income, everyone can use yoga in their life.

Pay It Forward Class is a community class offered for all. If you can't afford the full drop in fee this week or this month because life gets in the way, then no worries. Pay what you can or the class is on us. This is our way of giving back to the community in a mindful way.

Pay It Forward is a Hatha based class with meditation.


Soul Flow (Vinyasa)

Vinyasa Flow class will get you tapping your foot or singing along to Motown, Soul, Indie and Pop music. Sarah is known for her love of music and unique flows. Join this fun inclusive flow style class to start your week off right. New to Flow? No sweat! Well, there may be a little. Flow means that we transition through the postures a little quicker and we move from pose to pose as we flow. New yogis are welcome.


Power Hour (Vinyasa +)

Quicker pace Vinyasa flow class that focuses on core and upper body strength. A yoga class to get your sweat on and reset the mind. Sometimes it’s challenging for us to sit and be still, so do the work to appreciate the rest and calm.


Yogi Bear (Kids yoga ages 4-13)

After school yoga program to teach kids about the benefits of yoga and self love while having fun! And don't forget about our favourite game "Yogi Says". Ages 4 -13 are welcome.


Calm (Vinyasa/Hatha/Restorative)

Take some time to appreciate the calm. This class has three elements to it. Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, and Restorative. The first half of the class is a Flow style focusing on the physical part of our practice. Second half is Hatha style with Pranayama breath work finishing with a long restorative Shavasana. This class will get you to that Calm state of mind. A perfect class to end your day.



We know you have a lot on your mind in this Go-Go society we live in. Start or end your week right with this MindFULL practice that allows you to be present and make YOU a priority. Vinyasa Flow class for everyBODY.


Wind Down Wednesdays

Its Wednesday! The middle of the week. Slow it down give your body that rest it deserves with a Hatha practice where we hold the poses longer than a flow class and we slow down the pace. Great for all yogis.


Slow the Flow

Slow everything down at the end of your work week, allowing you to enjoy the time to tune into your body, mind and breath in this gentle flow.



Book a one-on-one session to develop your own yoga practice or to focus on a specific area. Private classes are perfect for those who are intimidated by the group class setting or are looking to deepen their practice. Customize your private lesson based on your physical needs and time, from 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.