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Class Descriptions


Calm (Gentle Vinyasa/Hatha/Restorative)

Calm is a Super Power. This class has three elements to it, Restorative, Hatha and Gentle Vinyasa Flow. A fave amongst our students this class is suitable for beginners, and veteran yogis. Finishing with a long restorative shavasana supported by yoga blocks, bolsters, and blankets to really get you to that calm state of mind.


Soul Flow (Vinyasa)

Vinyasa Flow class will get you tapping your foot or singing along to Motown, Soul, Indie and Pop music. Sarah is known for her love of music and unique flows. Join this fun inclusive flow style class to start your week off right. New to Flow? No sweat! Well, there may be a little. Flow means that we transition through the postures a little quicker and we move from pose to pose as we flow. New yogis are welcome.


SELF Love Yoga

Gentle Hath practice where all ages and experiences are welcome including 55 plus! Perfect way to reset your day. We believe Yoga is all about Self Love, Self Care, and Self Awareness. In our SELF yoga classes we take a gentle approach to the practice with a slow flow, Pranayama breath work, Guided Meditation, and mindfulness. SELF will not only create that sense of calm, it will teach you how to incorporate affirmations in your everyday life and take your yoga practice off your mat.


Yin to your Yang

A combination of our Yang (active practice) and our Yin (calm) practice for those days where you just want a bit of everything. Start Practice with a vinyasa flow and finish our class with Yin postures held from 3-5 minutes depending on our sequence that week. Students are welcome to use their own blocks and props for this class for support (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, rolled up towels etc.)