Our studio is temporarily closed as we do our part in Social Distancing. Please join our online classes here or use our YouTube channel at your convenience. Download the PDF version of our Online class schedule

Class Descriptions


Soul Flow (Vinyasa)

Vinyasa Flow class will get you tapping your foot or singing along to Motown, Soul, Indie and Pop music. Sarah is known for her love of music and unique flows. Join this fun inclusive flow style class to start your week off right. New to Flow? No sweat! Well, there may be a little. Flow means that we transition through the postures a little quicker and we move from pose to pose as we flow. New yogis are welcome.


Calm (Hatha/Restorative)

Calm is a Super Power. This class has three elements to it, Restorative, Hatha/Gentle Vinyasa Flow. A fave amongst our students this class is suitable for beginners and veteran yogis. Finishing with a long restorative shavasana supported by yoga blocks, bolsters and blankets to really get you to that calm state of mind.


Yoga from the Heart (teacher's choice)

You never know what style of yoga you'll get with our Yoga from the Heart Class. It's our teachers choice to offer the class that is most suitable for our community at that time. Changes weekly from vinyasa flow, hatha, restorative, hips and meditation. All welcome.


Slow the Flow

Slow the flow of your busy week with Gentle Vinyasa. Take time to tune into your body, mind and breath awareness. A slow flow with some of our fave poses, like Sun Salutation A, B, warriors and hip openers. Reset, feel grounded, and present.


Hip Check (Hatha for Hips)

Have you had your Hips Checked lately? This class focuses on opening and strengthening those hips. Hips are where most of us hold our stress or tension. Come and release those hips in this Hatha based yoga class. Some poses are held longer to help fully release. Try our vinyasa version of HipCheck called HippyFlow (Vinyasa flow for Hips). Your hips will thank you.


Power Hour (Vinyasa +)

Quicker pace Vinyasa flow class that focuses on core and upper body strength. A yoga class to get your sweat on and reset the mind. Sometimes it’s challenging for us to sit and be still, so do the work to appreciate the rest and calm. You may also like Power 20/20 (20 mins of Power yoga and 20 mins of fitness)


SELF Love Yoga Meditation

Join us for this short and sweet gentle class and meditation. Perfect way to reset your day. We believe Yoga is all about Self Love, Self Care, and Self Awareness. SELF will not only create that sense of calm, it will teach you how to incorporate affirmations in your daily life and take your yoga practice off your mat. Step away from your desk or task at hand for this reset, students are welcome to practice in their office attire if they wish.


Barre Yoga Fusion

This Yoga and Barre fusion class will introduce you to the principals of Barre (ballet/dance inspired sculpting and toning class with a focus on postural muscles), and help you find your zen. A total body workout and stretch, we'll move to the beat, lengthen, and strengthen! This class is open to all.


Pay It Forward (Hatha)

Anahata Yoga from the Heart grew from a place of wanting Yoga to be affordable for EVERYONE. No matter gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or income everyone needs yoga in their life. Pay It Forward Class is a community class offered for all. This is our way of giving back to the community in a mindful way. Through sponsorship and anonymous donations those students on their path of mental health are welcome to join a class. Now offered online Tuesdays and Thursdays with Sarah at 5:00 pm for Yoga from the Heart.



Book a one-on-one session to develop your own yoga practice or to focus on a specific area. Private classes are perfect for those who are intimidated by the group class setting or are looking to deepen their practice. Customize your private lesson based on your physical needs and time, from 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.