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Great introduction to Yoga. Take some time to appreciate the Calm. This class has three elements to it. Gentle Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, and Restorative. This class will get you to that Calm state of mind. A perfect class to end your day with.

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Soul Flow

Vinyasa flow class will get you tapping your foot or singing along to Motown, Soul, Indie and Pop music. New to Flow? No sweat! Well, there may be a little. Flow means that we transition through the postures a little quicker and move from pose to pose as we flow. New yogis welcome!

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Power Hour

Quicker pace Vinyasa flow class focusing on core and upper body strength. A yoga class to get your sweat on and reset the mind. Sometimes its challenging for us to sit and be still so take your meditation to a different place.

What is our "Pay it Forward Program"?

Our Pay It Forward Class is a community class offered for all. Anahata Yoga from the Heart grew from a place of wanting Yoga to be accessible to EVERYONE. No matter gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or income. Everyone can use yoga in their life. Pay what you can. If you can afford a cup of coffee then you can afford a yoga class. And hey, if you can't afford a class this week then its on us! Pay It Forward is now offered ONLINE Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 5:00 pm

Yoga is more than physical. It is cellular, mental, intellectual and spiritual - it involves man in his entire being.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

We make Yoga obtainable for
EVERYONE. No matter gender,
sexuality, race, ethnicity, or
income – everyone needs yoga.

Why you should start practicing Yoga

  • It makes us aware of our physical body
  • It calms the mind and encourages breath awareness
  • It's true! It improves flexibility but more importantly it strengthens your body, mind, and overall wellbeing
  • It allows us to learn about our own needs
  • It teaches us to be present in our busy day to day lives
  • And so much more

Why do we call it a yoga practice?

It's something we continue to work on and learn from. No practice is ever the same.

Yoga is For EVERYONE!

We don't believe in "levels" at Anahata Yoga. Everyone is welcome in the same class whether you've been practicing for years or just walking up to the mat our teachers offer variety.

Our Classes


Gentle Vinyasa/Hatha/Restorative. Weeknights and Sunday evenings

Self Love Yoga & Meditation

Gentle Vinyasa practice and guided meditation


Vinyasa + core and strength. Power 45

Heart & Shoulders

Hatha - opening and strengthening chest and shoulders while incorporating heart felt affirmations

SunRise Flow

Wake up with the Sun in this Vinyasa flow class

Mom & Baby Yoga

Vinyasas Yoga practice tailored to mom and babies 3-12 months

About Anahata Yoga from the Heart

Anahata represents the heart chakra. In Sanskrit, anahata means "unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten".

Our mission is to support those who struggle with life obstacles and mental illness by sharing their practice. Yoga is more than a physical practice, mentally it allows us to clear the mind, focus on our breath work (pranayama) and emotionally “let go” and reset in a non-judgmental space. Our "Pay it Forward" program was created specifically for those who, for the moment, can't afford the full class fee. Through local sponsorship we can give back to the community in a mindful way. Anahata Yoga from the Heart is a yoga studio and community space making yoga affordable for all through our Pay it Forward classes. A safe and inclusive space focusing on mental health and wellness through the practice of yoga.

Become a Member

Calm Membership

3 classes a week

Best Option

3 classes a week or 12 classes a month. Stay committed to your practice

Soul Flow Membership

5 classes a week


5 classes a week or 20 classes a month for the dedicated yogi

Power Yogi Membership

Unlimited Classes

includes in studio and online classes

Unlimited classes. Includes in studio and online access so you never miss a class. For the flexible yogi