Team of Yoga teachers at Anahata Yoga from the Heart in Barrie Ontario

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Yoga accessible for EVERYONE. No matter gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or income, everyone needs yoga in their life. We want to support those who struggle with life challenges and mental health by sharing the practice of yoga. Yoga can do more than calm you and make you flexible. It allows us to become aware of our own needs emotionally and mentally through a physical practice. Our "Pay it Forward" program was created specifically for those who, for the moment, can't afford the full fee. If you can afford a cup of coffee then you can afford a yoga class. And hey, if you can't afford a class this week then it’s on us! This is our way of giving back to the community in a mindful way.


Yoga teacher at Anahata Yoga from the Heart


Yoga teacher at Anahata Yoga from the Heart

My yoga journey began as a means of rediscovering sacred meaning to life in the 21st century. Soon after obtaining a diploma studying fitness and health from a scientific point of view, I was quickly reminded that our health encompasses far more than just the numbers found on the scale and blood pressure cuff. Feeling disconnected, I turned to yoga as a means to reconnect to the senses of joy, love, and fulfillment. With the help of my teachers, countless books and resources, I started to witness the transformative power that ancient traditions still held in helping people heal, grow and prosper.

I registered for my yoga teacher training in the Sacred Valley of Peru with the intent of bringing home a unique take on traditional Indian Yoga infused with the ancient traditions of Peruvian Shamanism. What I learned was that finding the sacred in life is not determined by geographical location or spiritual views but more so your ability to be open, aware and grateful for the little wonders that are presented to us every day.

In my classes, you can expect to be greeted with a warm smile, a calm atmosphere, and an open heart. Whether we’re moving energy through a powerful vinyasa or letting it melt away in a slow practice on the mat, I love to infuse my classes with Reiki, loving touch and thoughtful instruction to make your practice feel meaningful and authentically yours.



Yoga teacher at Anahata Yoga from the Heart

Cindi has a background in Education and came to deepen her love of yoga over the past decade. A natural progression of her fondness of teaching as well as her devotion to yoga was for her to take Yoga Teacher Training to further deepen and advance her knowledge and practice of yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to feel good in both body and mind and to spread that goodness around. She appreciates being a part of the Anahata Yoga Studio family and community and looks forward to meeting you at the studio!


Michelle is a passionate and well practiced yogi. She was recommended yoga, as a way to incorporate movement back into her life after some long term hospital stays when she was a teen. Yoga has helped Michelle to understand and overcome some of the mental barriers that prevented her from being and embracing herself. After a decade of practice, she has unraveled the layers of self doubt and insecurity, to find a place of inner peace and self acceptance. Michelle became a yoga teacher to guide people to the place of their own unique understanding and personal power, within. She believes that the more humanity looks inward, the more beautiful the world will be.